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Search (Drupal) Preg_class_exclud for forward slash "/"


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we have product names with "/" and "-" in them (the name has got forward slash in it). I did study the search engine behavior and code and could overwrite the search.php to let me handle the "-" differently and now dash-esh are ok.


But appears that forward slashes are making the search string explode, which in our case is not good. I cannot properly search products with "/" in their names.


Do you know how can I fix this issue? I need the search not to do anything with slashes and only treat forward slash like any other alphabet or character.



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Hello Pascal


I need to fix this in the search module. but apparently before I can touch the phrase it is getting exploded because of "/" delimiter. How can I stop the search module from changing the search phrase because of "/".


I noticed in search.php comments they have removed \x{d} to keep the "dash" or "-" do I need to remove another \x{?} to keep the "/"? I'm not really familiar with drupal classes or how else I can escape the "/" in search phrase in the search.php



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I managed to fix the issue and here is what I have done;


in Search.php where they have removed the dash \x{2d} I also removed the x{2f} which is the ASCII code for "/" (forward slash). This way the search code will consider "/" a normal character which is the case in our shop and products.


Then in definition of $intersect_array[] where the SQL query is being defined I handled the forward slash also the dash according to our shop's requirement.


Open source rocks!




This issue is SOLVED!

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