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Empty lang field when multilang_shop = true

Rubens Cury

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I'm developing a custom BO PS Module and I was experiencing a problem getting empty lang fields from the renderForm() controller method.


According this PS Doc http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Diving+into+PrestaShop+Core+development we should use one of those types of model for "many stores and/or languages"


In order to have an object in many languages:
'multilang' => true
In order to have an object depending on the current store
'multishop' => true
In order to have an object which depends on the current store, and in many languages:
'multilang_shop' => true
Indeed, what I just noticed is that right after I changed my class definition from 'multilang_shop' => true to 'multilang' => true, all my lang fields started to work out returning their correspondent values instead of empty values as previously. 
My question is how and why the definition 'multilang_shop' => true could prevent the lang fields to work properly? Or, any idea about what I would be doing wrong? 
Thank you all
Rubens Cury
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