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total with out shipping cost


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Hi i need the following feature;

the customers at the moment of checkout pay the total of products without shipping cost, for example the price for a shirts its 25 usd and shipping 5 usd, i need the customer just pay 25 usd.


please anyone can help me please

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Hi Patricio,


You can either


- change the carrier to (always) give free shipping, or, if you want, only free shipping above a special order total, or free shipping above a special order weight or so,


- or you can create a cart rule that gives free shipping, again under special conditions if you want)



Can you tell some more when exactly you want to give free shipping? Always, or are there special conditions? Or only for a special period, or for a special customer group etc.


Please elaborate a little.



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Ah, well ok, try this:


edit file : themes/default-bootstrap/order-payment.tpl   (Make backup!!)


Try to find this piece of code: (sample from PS (Maybe search the page (Win: Ctrl-F/Mac: Cmd-R) for "total_price"   )


You will find 2 blocks of code:
First one (for when price is 'including taxes')
<tr class="cart_total_price">
  <td colspan="4" class="total_price_container text-right"><span>{l s='Total (without shipping)'}</span></td>
  <td colspan="2" class="price" id="total_price_container">
    <span id="total_price" data-selenium-total-price="{$total_price-$shippingCost}">{displayPrice price=$total_price-$shippingCost}</span>
Add the red code.  (if your version doesn't have 

then just ignore that part)

if you want, you can change the "Total" text -> "Total (without shipping)", that's up to you.




Search for "total_price" again for the 2nd piece of code:


<td colspan="{if !$voucherAllowed}4{else}2{/if}" class="text-right total_price_container">
<span>{l s='Total (without shipping)'}</span>
<td colspan="2" class="price total_price_container" id="total_price_container">
<span id="total_price" data-selenium-total-price="{$total_price_without_tax-$shippingCostTaxExc}">{displayPrice price=$total_price_without_tax-$shippingCostTaxExc}</span>

Again, if you want, you can change the "Total" text -> "Total (without shipping)", that's up to you.

I think that's it.

Hope this helps,


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