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Store manager / store commander / PrestaPricing+PrestaCategories

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Store manager / store commander / PrestaPricing+PrestaCategories




Ktoś używał tych programów? Potrzebuje jakiekś fajniejszej aplikacji do edycji dużej ilości produktów. Tzn masowe zmiany kategorii, cen, zdjęć itd.Do tego zaawansowane importy z plików xls/csv/xml.  Szukałem i te 3 programy to istne kombajny z setkami przydatnych funkcji.


Ktoś coś o nich wie? Ktoś ich używał? Troche kosztują, ale podobno są warte swojej ceny. Warto w którys zainwestować?




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Store Manager for PrestaShop allows to manage large quantities of products in bulk. You can apply mass changes to selected products using Mass Changer tool of Store Manager: edit products information, categories, prices etc. Also the software support import from files of various formats - CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, TXT, ODS. There are more useful features that make shop management easier. 

It is possible to try Store Manager for PrestaShop. You can download 30-day free and fully-functional version of the application and check how it works - 


I'm also encouraging other form users to share opinion on the application to help lacoste26x make decision. 


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Hi lacoste26x,


i am using PrestaPricing and PrestaCategories and it made my work easier and faster: first I bought it to increase speed of import and then I learnt it can do many many more thing.


The standard CSV imported is very limited, PrestaPricing lets you interact in real time with the shop database: one simple example is the option to edit the order of attributes!!

There are no manuals, but many videos to teach all the options.


The support is excellent: you can contact the support people from witihin the software, they can take control of your computer and teach you what you need.

The pricing is very interesting: you buy the big package with all the options or just the part that you need. 


I suggest watching the video tutorial to understand the features.



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