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Why are some font-awesome icons not working?


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I am modifying my template, and I am adding 

<i class="icon icon-money">

and it works just fine, I'll see a little dollar bill.


I can also do 

<i class="icon icon-globe">

instead and it also works, I now see planet earth.


But when I do 

<i class="icon icon-sign-in">

I don't see anything.



Why is that?

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You guys are funny... Thanks for both your help!


I wonder if there is some sort of a reference somewhere for ALL the icon names in prestashop. I don't really feel like reading the stylesheet that's not formated... Though I've written a script once to extract everything related to the bootstrap/helper forms:



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Hm, in the context that I am in right now, I get icon-globe and icon-money to work but icon-times does not show up. I appended a div directly to my body tag. I guess it might be specific to my template...


Thanks for taking a look!

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