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Error Call to undefined method AdminCustomersController::addMetaTitle()


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Hello People, i am managing a prestashop website (it is not mine), in backoffice, when i access to /admin_wc/index.php?controller=AdminCustomers&token=2f605c1799787aa460edb16eac669135 show the next error:


Fatal error: Call to undefined method AdminCustomersController::addMetaTitle() in /home/xxxxx/public_html/controllers/admin/AdminCustomersController.php on line 246


In that line:


245: if (count($this->toolbar_title) > 0)

246: $this->addMetaTitle($this->toolbar_title[count($this->toolbar_title) - 1]);


Anybody can help me?



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The function addMetaTitle() is defined in classes/controller/AdminController.php, BUT only in one of the newest versions of PrestaShop (I found it in, but wasn't there in yet)


So questions:


- Is the PrestaShop you are using upgraded from an older version? If so, is AdminController maybe overridden by someone, and doesn't include this new addMetaTitle function?


Has the file classes/controller/AdminController.php the function addMetaTitle in it? (If not, this file is not correctly upgraded to the newer version)




- backup your system (all PrestaShop files)

- rename your current file classes/controller/AdminController.php to AdminController_OLD.php

- copy the classes/controller/AdminController.php file from the latest PrestaShop version to the classes/controller folder

- remove file cache/class_index.php (it will be re-created automatically)


see if it works now. (If not, change back to the original file)


If indeed this is working, there was some problem with upgrading, and I suggest you to test really well, as there may be other places where the upgraded hasn't fully succeeded...





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I got the similar issue. I am using PS


When I try to view an order I got a blank page.  This happened after I created an order from BO.


I got the error message

Fatal error: Call to undefined method AdminOrdersController::addMetaTitle() in ........./controllers/admin/AdminOrdersController.php on line 289


 288 $this->toolbar_title[] = sprintf($this->l('Order %1$s from %2$s %3$s'), $order->reference, $customer->firstname, 289  $customer->lastname);
            $this->addMetaTitle($this->toolbar_title[count($this->toolbar_title) - 1]);



Any one can help on this issue.


Thanks A lot

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