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Error with payment gateway

Miguel F

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I have a problem with my shop. I installed a payment gateway module and it registers the payment in the administrative panel of the bank, but when it comes back to prestashop after doing the payment it redirects to the order page and it doesnt register the order in the back office. When i turn on the error reporting i get the "“[Debug] This page has moved Please use the following URL instead" error, if i click in the url of the error it takes me to the order page too. 


Anyone knows how to fix this or when i must look?


Best regards

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can you:

- add the original URL where you are arriving back into Prestahop (i.e. the url in your address bar of the browser, the original one that apparently has moved)

- add the link URL where the error message sends you instead (i.e. the new destination of the moved page)

- tell me what module is the payment one?

- tell me what PrestaShop version do you use?



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