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Classic clean basic but responsive theme


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Hi everyone.


A friend of mine asked me for a theme for his Prestashop installation I did for his (future) book and magazines shop. He wants it

  • 'old style'
  • white background
  • very easy to shop and move around
  • basic design (we'll tune it later on)
  • AND with the effect of the product 'flying' to the shopping cart box.


Does anyone know about any theme to have a good start to develope such a theme? If not, how would you recommend me to start searching? where could I start from?


I have to say I'm quite new to Prestashop but can manage with PHP, CSS, HTML and Bootstrap technics.


Thank you in advance for any help. Have a nice day!



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Have a look here on themeforest all themes are just $69


Best themes and support with great BO theme settings to make it look the way you want..


1* http://themeforest.net/item/warehouse-responsive-prestashop-16-theme-blog/3178575


or this one


2* http://themeforest.net/item/panda-responsive-prestashop-theme/9750650\


I have both off these and they are great and perfect support and updated regular.


Best regards



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Hi Paulito.


Thank you for your interest. Despite I don't totally get what you mean by 'I would have thought Prestashop would be a great place to start', it is nice to see someone trying to help.

I've been searching and reading and I can explain some of the features more clearly now:

  1. On one hand I need a basic, not overelaborated theme, that is clear, clean and, preferably with a white background (lazy boy would like not to work even longer).
  2. On the other hand I need it to be responsive, as any up-to-date theme should be to-day. Those 2 points address me, if nobody says anything against it, to the basic Bootstrap Theme for Prestashop. Because I have some knowledge on CSS, HTML and PHP, I believe I could manage to apply the right changes to make it fit my friend's tastes.
  3. But still is the animated add-to-cart-feature, that I'm gonna explain below.

As I've found (in my search, some hour ago) PS 1.6 has removed it while it still was on 1.5. It is the Ajax add-to-cart animation that has been changed by the Cart Popup module, as comes by default. Well, I'm interested in reversing it. I'd like to take a fresh install of Prestashop's Bootstrap Theme, remove the Cart Popup module and recreate / activate the Ajax Add-to-cart feature. In my search I have even found what seems to be close to all I need. It is in this topic:

If anyone could put it all together and explain i a single place the whole procedure, I'm sure it'll be of great help for an important number of PS users. So if anyone can offer that kind of help, besides of recomending any basic, clean responsive alternative to PS default themes, it'd be great,

Thank you all. Have a great day,

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Hello Plantabaixa and thank you for your reply,


What I meant by Prestashop being a great start is that you can strip it to the bare bones and just keep the engine, you have already said  that you are experienced in css, html,php so you can make the website look however you want.


Prestashop 1.6 is Bootstap, and responsive, it seems your only problem is to get the product to fly to the cart.


This as you know, I'm sure, has been asked many times on the forum, "how to add the product fly to the cart in 1.6"


Unfortunately I and others have not found a definitive answer.


Perhaps a good idea would be to ask in the "Job Offers"  forum, you may get plenty of help their with your problem.



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