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Retrieve an added field in the cart page


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I'm using GrooveFX for Prestashop to personnalise my items, and I added a hidden field in the form#buy_block in the p.hidden section of the product.tpl file.


I'd like to get that variable in the cart, in the bill and all, to know the effect applied to the customer's item.


But I don't know where or how to do this.


I've found this topic => https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/292311-how-to-pass-value-from-tpl-file-to-controller-using-jquery/


But I don't know where to put the variable in the cart.php file, and don't know if this will be enough the have it in the bill, and in the mail sent to the admin for the order.


Thanks in advance.

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