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[SOLVED] Problem with Ajax Cart (i think compatibility issue)


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Hi Everybody!

First of all, thanks for the presta-team and to the community, to make this great shopping system!

I am new in the Presta’s user-group, but in the last few weeks I spent a lot of time “behind the console” to set the system up. I find one mysteries problem between the Ajax-Cart, Category Block, Theme v1.1 compatibility setting and the “Product Block – Product Combinations”.

The problem:
- If I switch on the “theme 1.1 compatibility” the Ajax Cart and the Categories block works well, but the Color Picker and the Product Combination Selection does not work anymore.
- If I switch off the “theme1.1 compatibility” then Ajax Cart cannot be opened/closed anymore and the Categories Block does not show the category tree, but the Product Combinations, Color picker, etc come back and works right again.

Now, I use a workaround: I switched off the theme 1.1 compatibility, and switched off the active Ajax Cart and the active Ajax Categories in the modules settings place.

So, shortly that’s it, but I have to find somehow the final solution.
Config: Prestashop 1.2.5, Cart Block v1.2, Categories block v1.0.

If anybody had this kind of problem, or have any idea please share with me, or please tell me how I can fix it.

Thanks for all!


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Hi All!

Short sum: When you changing or deleting Ajax related modules (ex: Cart block, Categories block, etc) finally you have to reinstall (remove and install) the "Quick Search block v1.0".

I do not know why... but it is work.


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