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Please help

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Hi there.
I have a small and big problem in the same time.
I want to translate the field “Cash on delivery(COD)” . – see the picture attached to see what i mean
I’ve looked in the translations, inside the php files, i can’t do it.
Can someone help me? I know it is a simple thing but i can’t figure it out.



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I had to go into each module, and do a search and replace for all the words I wanted to change and do it manually. IE...modules >> cashondelivery then in your editor (I use Notepad ++) do a find in files cash on delivery and replace all with what you want it to say. Mine now all says "Charge to Account".

There may be an easier way, but I'm used to editing files when I need changes so that was easiest for me.

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Did you search in the back office or did you search the physical module files.

As I said, you will manually have to go into the the modules folder, within the original prestashop folder you downloaded. Then within the cashondelivery and cheque folders you will manually, through a text editing program have to edit the files.

You will not be able to do this through the internet browser in the admin section. You will have to manually edit the files.

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That value gets picked up from the module's display name.

/modules/cashondelivery/cashondeliver.php line #15

$this->displayName = $this->l('Cash on delivery (COD)');

It gets stored in the database, so you could do one of two things:
1) Change the module display name.
2) Change the code that saves it in the database to convert it to whatever you want.

Edit: as asjoli pointed out, there is a way to translate the value from Prestashop....

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I edited the cashondelivery module and edited the payment.tpl, confirmation.tpl, and validation.tpl files in the module folder, every where I could find "Cash On Delivery (COD)" I changed to "Charge to Account".


During the order process it works great and shows "Charge to Account" every where it should. However, on the order history, Invoice PDF, and Delivery Slip PDF it says "Cash On Delivery (COD)". What files would I need to change to get "Charge on Account in these locations as well?


One last question. I saved an unedited copy of the cashondelivery folder, how can I add this module back and not effect the one I have edited. I didn't change the folder name on the edited copy. should I have renamed it or something?


Thanks in advance for any assistance


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