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[SOLVED] I can’t translate Cash on Delivery (COD)

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Hi there.
I have a small and big problem in the same time.
I want to translate the field "Cash on delivery(COD)" . - see the picture attached to see what i mean
I've looked in the translations, inside the php files, i can't do it.
Can someone help me? I know it is a simple thing but i can't figure it out.



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1. You open \modules\cashondelivery\views\templates\hook\payment.tpl

2. You add some text for translation: {l s='Guest checkout continue'}

3. You open the admin panel and translate it

4. Nothing changes on the site


P. S. You all are inobservant and forgot to write mod='cashondelivery':

{l s='Guest checkout continue' mod='cashondelivery'}

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