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Show Order Details on Order Confirmation Page


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I'd like to show the order details from the order-history page on the order-confirmation page as shown in the attached mockup. I feel like this should be easy but can't find documentation online.


Thanks in advance!



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It is not as easy as you think it will be.  The order confirmation page does not have the order detail information required, nor does it have the order detail styling that you would want.


So to make this type of change without a module, would require you to edit the OrderConfirmationController to obtain the order detail, then to edit the order confirmation theme template file to display it, and then likely some theme javascript/css to style it properly.


In my opinion a module would do a much better job so you can avoid having to re-apply these changes everytime you upgrade the shop or change out the theme.


You can search the forums, as this has been accomplished and documented already for prior versions of Prestashop, so perhaps you can build from those previous topics.  Otherwise if you are not a developer and cannot figure this out, then I would suggest you put a post in the paid jobs section and get some bids from freelancers

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