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Guest Checkout Problem with duplicate email


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Hello, in my ps i have a problem..

I use only guest checkout without registration. 

All works ok but if a customer make an order, he can't do it an other time with the same mail.. Because in guest checkout an account will be create so it isn't possible to have the same email adress in different account...

Is possible to edit this rule?

thank you very much

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If your shop uses only this type of ordering, a solution for this can be to modify the email address, when an order reaches a certain status.


For example, when the order status is changed to "Delivered", also change the email for the id_customer linked to it. Use sequencing numbers, so the same customer can order third time, forth and so on.


After the first order is delivered, the email will become [email protected]. After the second order is delivered, the associated email will become [email protected]

So every time a customer can order with [email protected].


But note that in this way, you will be able to track orders placed by the same customer only if you build a custom report.

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