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Filter/searcher in Homepage that redirect to Category page with filters selected


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I am needing to develop a filter/searcher module where user can select three filters, then click in search button.

filter/searcher module will build the friendly-url with three filters selected by user and redirect him to new page.


Filter 1: Type car (category)
Filter 2: Manufacturers (Manufacturer)
Filter 3: Location (Product Feature)

I want that filters can be related, i.e if I selected filter 1 for example Vans option, Filter 2 will display only Manufacturers that are asociated with type car Vans.

Same to Filter 3.

url look like this: www.myshop.com/id-vans/manufacturer-ford/location-miami

What viability and development have? and how I can begin?


p.d: sorry for my english

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