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[SOLVED] Adding VAT number on to Invoice


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Do you want your own, fixed VAT number somewhere?


Edit file:




There you have function:

public function getContent()
  $data = array(
    'vat_number' => '123456',   // <- add this line, (use your own VAT number...)
    'order' => $this->order,
    'order_details' => $this->order_invoice->getProducts(),
    'cart_rules' => $this->order->getCartRules($this->order_invoice->id),
    'delivery_address' => $formatted_delivery_address,
    'invoice_address' => $formatted_invoice_address,
    'tax_excluded_display' => Group::getPriceDisplayMethod($customer->id_default_group),
    'tax_tab' => $this->getTaxTabContent(),
    'customer' => $customer
and save.
Then edit file:
And add the following code somewhere you want it:
  <b>{l s='VAT Number:' pdf='true'}</b><br />
  {$vat_number}<br />
  <br />
and save.
Reload Order Page, click invoice button and see result;
If it doesn't show, temporarily turn OFF smarty cache and set option to force compilation (Advanced Parameters->Optimization)
N.B. Better is to make overrides instead of changing the core files (problems with upgrading etc). See developers guide for this
Hope this helps,
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