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Memcache Manager Mod?


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Hi All,


Does anyone know if there is a mod out there to manage Memcache? I'm looking for something with a simple GUI that allows me to add multiple server instances, basic usage statistics and also somewhere I can see what objects(keys/values) are actually in memcache at any one time?


Also, there seems to be some confusion in Prestashop with "Memcache" and "Memached". Can someone confirm it is Memcache (with PECL extension) that CacheMemcache.php client uses?  

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Really disappointed and disheartened by the lack of response on this forum presta people.


I have just started posting on this forum in the last week or so and I've had no replies on anything that I've posted thus far apart from receiving a ticking off for posting in the wrong area of the forum by, shall we say, an 'attentive' moderator. I noticed the moderators were slightly less attentive when it came to replying to any of my questions?!


Before jumping on board with presta I had heard that the support wasn't great and that it was very 'paid-mod-centric' (ie geared around developers selling you their mods), but I didn't think it could be this bad. 14 posts and no replies. Just shocked really.


I'm sorry to say but I've found this forum unhelpful and the support nonexistent from my initial experiences.

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