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Controller used after hookDisplayAdminProductsExtra


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I'm working on a module for my site and have a few questions. These are related to:

  • hookDisplayAdminProductsExtra
  • AdminController / ModuleAdminController



I have created a new module file that is using aforementioned hook. The hook method instantiate my new controller and prints HelperList. Just like:

$hList = new AdminMyCustomListController();
return $hList->renderList();

The AdminMyCustomListController exteneds AdminController and has renderList and renderForm methods implemented. I'm planning to have multiple other controller and models for other custom DB tables.


Now here is my first question:

What is the difference between AdminController and ModuleAdminController? In what situations I'm supposed to decide for each of them? 


The second question:

Whenever I click the action in the generated HelperList I can see it is trying to use AdminProduct controller instead. However, I'd like use AdminMyCustomListController and its method renderForm using which I would update the row. So when I click the edit button I get "invalid security token" message and if I confirm that it just brings me back to the list of products. So my problem is that the HelperList (and also HelperForm) prepares the links for me already. And I'd like to know if there is a way how I could change the Helper behavior (changing links etc.). 


Any help will be highly appreciated!

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