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[SOLVED] Send order notification made by a certain customer to a specific email address


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Hi all


I want to modify the Mail Alerts module.


I get orders from a customer and I need the email notification for orders from that customer to go to a specific email address.


Is there some way where I could put an if statement in the module to do something like:

if {$id_customer == 3}

send email notification to [email protected]

else { send to the main email address set in the module.


I'm obviously not very PHP savvy but I know my way around.


Any help would to achieve this would be hugely appreciated!

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Search for this code at about line 392 of modules/mailalerts/mailalerts.php:

$merchant_mails = explode(self::__MA_MAIL_DELIMITOR__, $this->merchant_mails);

Below that, you can add code like:

if ($customer->id == 3)
    $merchant_mails = array('[email protected]'); 

This should override the default merchant list for customer 3 only.

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