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Selling products with components?


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Hello all,


Brand new to Prestashop, evaluating it for the following use case:


I would like to sell products that are composed of a base SKU plus a variable number of "add-ons" where the add-ons are features added to the product. Each add-on has an associated cost, which would be added to the base product cost at checkout time. The add-ons would NOT be listed in the main catalog, rather they would be dictated by various external circumstances (i.e. the customer would not be browsing add-ons in the shop and manually selecting them).


Is there some way of accomplishing this in Prestashop? I would rather not put the user through the pain of manually selecting add-ons in the shopping experience. So some way an external function could create a "bill of materials" price and add it to the cart along with the base product.


Any thoughts? Or am I just headed down the road of Way Too Much Custom Code?




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I suggest that you add these "add-ons" as products in an "Add-ons" category and then disable that category so they aren't visible on the website. After the customer places an order, you can view their order and then click the "Add a product" button in the toolbar at the top to add one of these "Add-on" products to the order. The customer will then be sent an email notifying them that the add-on has been added to their order.

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