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How and Where are defined these variables?


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 I have a question about the variable.


 When you click the item,you can see the amount of detail.


There are --items in your cart,


Total product(tax incl.)    -----


Total shipping(tax incl.)   -----


Total (tax incl.)                -----




How are defined these variables(Total product(tax incl.),Total shipping(tax incl.)  ,Total (tax incl.) )?


And where PHP file are these?  



Thank you.


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The shipping cost specifically is defined by your preferred shipping method in the backend - so the shipping method at position 0.


The values for the shopping cart are set in the files for the blockcart module so /modules/blockcart/blockcart.php . 


Maybe we could better help you if you tell us exactly what you are trying to do?

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Thank you ,defused.


I want to customize carrier shipping cost .


I made EMS carrier in Carrier->Shipping, but this carrier doesn't correspond to the update.


I think of  getting EMS using the API , and handling with the carrier.


So, I wanted to know these variable to need displaying EMS API.


1->Sends the total amount and the country ID, and to get the shipping cost from the EMS API


2-> Substitute the obtained this shipping cost on these variable


3->Total shipping(tax incl.)←Display this shipping cost from API


4->To be displayed in the order screen



This is the ultimate goal!!


Please help me,Thank you.

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