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Input Langs - Get Value

Rubens Cury

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Does anybody knows witch is the best way to retrieve language inputs from a submitted form?


Shoud I use Tools::getValue('fieldname'.$langvar) for each language field or by chance there's any other helper for this purpose instead?


Thank you very much

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I can't find out HOW the this function retrieve the legend_$language field into the submitted form.


Someone could please help me?

<input type="text" id="legend_{$language.id_lang}" {if isset($input_class)}class="{$input_class}"{/if}
name="legend_{$language.id_lang}" value="{$product->name[$language.id_lang]|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}"
public function ajaxProcessaddProductImage()
	self::$currentIndex = 'index.php?tab=AdminProducts';
	$product = new Product((int)Tools::getValue('id_product'));
	$legends = Tools::getValue('legend');

	if (!is_array($legends))
		$legends = (array)$legends;
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