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Hi there!


I am experiencing a problem since version to (I didn't install Presta before

I am trying to turn off free shipping in my presta and I have not succeeded too much in this.

I wanted to make all this not altering any scrypts.


My actions:

1) disabled all cart rules (Price rules -> Cart Rules)

2) set up Free shipping from 15000 roubles and 25 kgs (Shipping -> Prefences)

3) changed translation of "Free shipping" to "Не выбрана" (Not chosen) (Localization->Translations->Modify translations ->Select your language to Russian -> Modify -> Expand all fieldsets -> and here I changed every translation of Free shipping to "Не выбрана")


So it was this way: Free shipping! = "Бесплатная доставка!"

and had become this way: Free shipping! = "Не выбрана"


I suppose that's all I did.


What I got after actions described above is:


"Бесплатная доставка!" (means Free shipping) sign disappeared from a cart dropdown menu when I am in a catalogue.

The same sign still appears in the same menu when I am in the cart itself. Screenshots applied.

And I still have a sign "Не выбрана" in the cart. As you can recall I translated "Free shipping" to "Не выбрана".


So I have two questions.

1. Why the cart still thinks that free shipping is still turned on and tries to show text labels about it?

2. Where does the sign "Бесплатная доставка!" comes from if I translated all "Free shipping" string resources to "Не выбрана"?


Thank you in advance!







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It looks like an obvious glitch. There is no free shipping in my catalog and there is in my shopping cart. And yes.

I cleared my cache and tried different browsers including android browser.


Could you please check it for me?


1. Add some goods to your cart.

2. Go back to catalog.

3. Check cart drop down list (there should no be Free shipping sign)

4. Go to your cart.

5. Check cart drop down list (there should be Free shipping sign).


Thank you!








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I've tried what you said, and i've got the same problem as you show on the screenshots.


Which version of blockcart module are you using ? Because I had no problem with older versions, and now i'm using version 1.5.6 and i've got problems.

I need to find which version I was using before updating.


On my problem it shows free shipping in the payment section but not on the blockcart module.



I don't know if our problems are related or different though.

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I also have 1.5.6 version of the block cart module.

Thanks for pointing out the name of the module.


I have finally managed to fix this by changing a file here:



you should alter a string number 146

{if !($page_name == 'order-opc') && (!isset($cart->id_address_delivery) || !$cart->id_address_delivery)}{l s='To be determined' mod='blockcart'}{else}{l s='Free shipping!' mod='blockcart'}{/if}


Change "Free shipping!" to something that you want to be shown and it will be shown when block cart module thinks that free shipping is free )



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Yeah, thank you. So I should conclude that we have two glitches.

1) cart block module shows Free shipping when it shouldn't.

2) cart block module doesn't have a proper localization that leads us to the situation when "Free shipping" is shown non localized.

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