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Problem with webservice


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I turned on my shop the webservice to synchronize products and categories with an external software developed together with a colleague, I followed the guide to enable the webservice but if I try to access from a browser, it asks me to login continuously.


the operations that i've done in backoffice are:

1) service enabled web prestahop

2) created a new key and attributed resources



i receive always the login.


I also tried with "Enable CGI mode for PHP" but nothing changes. On the server where the domain is hosted, php is an apache module.


the version of prestashop that i've installed is

Version of the server software Apache / 2.2.15

PHP version 5.2.13


I also made a new installation of ps but I get the same result.


thanks in advance to those who will pay attention.





here my configuration on a test server www.bitfarma.it/public/ws.JPG


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I have almost your configuration and for me works webservice for Prestashop


The version of prestashop that i'am using is
Apache Version is: 2.2.29
PHP version 5.3
My advices:
1.try a simple tip:B83FFI63_restofyourkey@entirepathtoprestashop/api
2.try to get information about your host,if they using SSH for authentification, or something like that,or some permissions?
3.try your script on localhost with a xampp or wamp host server
4.move .htacces for a test in this case, to verify if a rule is dening you to get the call to webservice
5.enable error reporting: config/defines.inc.php set PS_MODE_DEV to true,and try to view if is throwing an error here
6.delete your picture from post or blur your key,or change your key after you resolve the problem
Maybe your host have some answers for you, in this case.
I hope that is a new point of view for looking about your problem.
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