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Stuck on 'CashOnDelivery' code


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Im trying to customize a COD module to fit my needs.


This is the piece of code

$order->total_shipping_tax_excl = (float)$this->context->cart->getPackageShippingCost((int)$id_carrier, false, null, $order->product_list)+$fee;

At the end of the line I need 


but it throws an error.


But if I use


it woks but obviously it is not the result I need.


Why can I multiply but not divide?


Im using PS


Thanks in advance.

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I'm not sure why you can't divide. Perhaps you need to use brackets like ($fee / 1.21)? Or maybe you need to convert fee to a float like ((float)$fee / 1.21)? If neither of those work, you can use simple algebra to convert it into multiplication, i.e. ($fee * (1 / 1.21)) or ($fee * 0.8264462809917355).

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Hi rocky!, thanks so much for answering.


- If I use brackets -> Error.

- I tried converting to float -> Error.


After that I give it a try to algebra and that give a little light:


($fee *  (1 / 1.21)) -> Error.

($fee * 0.8264462809917355) -> ERROR TOO!


So I think its about decimals used.


In terms of decimals I can divide by 1.2 and can multiply by 0.8264462. If I use more decimals it throws the 500 server error.


Can you figure out what is happening?


Thanks again.

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