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Dynamic tags for Facebook retargeting?


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I am looking for two separate tags for my Facebook tracking/retargeting pixels.


I am looking for <product ID> for Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) and <value> for conversion.


I'm clear where these tracking pixels should be placed (conversion pixel goes into 'order-confirmation.tpl' etc). I just cannot for the life of me find the correct dynamic tags/variables for Presta.


For product ID I've tried the following: {id_product},  {$id_product}, {$smarty.get.id_product}, {Tools::getValue('id_product')}


For conversion one I've tried: {Tools::getvalue('id_order')}


None of these have worked for me. I am out of ideas at this stage so hope someone who has had a similar problem can help? I'm sure this must be a very common issue as tracking pixels are very popular/common lately. 


I've searched this forum high and low and very surprised that I have found very little on what must be a very popular/common topic at the moment.


Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on my issue! 

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