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[Solved] not an error but something really anoying


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i dwl version .5 and wen i'm tryin` to set it up, i can't pass the step 3 becauze of the fallowing error even all services are up and running.


Warning : 1 error


  1. Can't connect to database server : please, make sure your server is launched or check the datas you just entered.


please help thanks

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here is the image. i have tryed on two diffrent server configuration... no luck.. i have have latest version downloaded (the old version was running fine without warning due instalation)


thank you.



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You can try with the new version just released :, but you may encounter the same problem I think.


Are you trying to upgrade an existing installation ? You might read the upgrade procedure :


Upgrading? Make a backup copy first! Then, in your database manager app (e.g., PhpMyAdmin), import the .SQL file located in 'docs' directory, then replace the old files with the new ones.


See you soon,

Bruno Lévêque

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I had the same problem when doing a new install.


Here's how I got past it.


1: Firstly, I forgot to turn my localhost server on, easy enough to forget.


2: Secondly, in my case, the other error messages related to the fact that Prestashop has already installed the database files even though it's saying there's a problem, and reloading or refreshing the page means it's trying to now create a database that already exists. (Paradoxical I know.)


Anyway, what I did to resolve it was: Exit the install procedure completely.


Go to your mysql data files and delete all the files in the prestashop folder or whatever you called it.


Windows may tell you that some files are being used and that you can't delete them, so make sure you close everything associated with the install, then restart them.


Start the installation procedure again. Hopefully you should now get past this page.

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