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Property Product->name is empty

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Following the migration of a shop from 1.3.4 to that is was successful, i discoverd that i can not modify my product page !


Every attemp to change i get : Property Product -> name is empty.

And it change the 'name' of the product leaving only the first letter...


I checked in the table 'product_lang' the name column, but all seems ok, i can't find incorrect symbol for ex.


In debbug mode, i have only a warning on the page admincontroller at line 1377.


Big thank for your help !



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Sounds like you have a single field which is being treated like an array. Try grabbing a clean .11 package, and replace the whole admin folder, it might just be a template issue

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I have the same issue, the problem is half a year ago I did not have it and entered products, now when I want to add new products I get this message: Product Property -> name is empty. BUT as you see below the (correct) name was not empty as it is mentioned (Rainha - Brazilie) as is the correct ID


I did as Nemo suggested and replaced the admin folder, refreshed cache, but no results.






3 errors

  1. Rainha - Brazilie (Nummer: 512) kan niet opgeslagen worden
  2. Property Product->name is empty
  3. Pamwamba – Malawi (Nummer: 521) kan niet opgeslagen worden
Er zijn 2 warnings
  • Herschreven link voor (Nummer: 512) is herschreven als friendly-url-autogeneration-failed.
  • Herschreven link voor (Nummer: 521) is herschreven als friendly-url-autogeneration-failed.

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Hi Nemo,


I don't think I'm using any override.

I just put a fresh copy of PS on my mamp. Downloaded the product example csv and imported that into the mamp, succes. (looking back I don't know why?)

Then I tried my own csv, (deleting all products while importing my own,  same message property name is empty.

Then I tried to upload the original sample file again and then this one too will not go in anymore.


OK I found what is killing me here:


I changed the php version.

When I first was succesful I was using php version 5.6.10.

As we were putting it on a live server we used a php 7.0

Looks like all works fine, but not the csv-import 


Changing it on my mamp solved this but. Looks like Prestashop is very sensitive to php versions?


The live server has 7.0 is there any way I can change something in the code, that will make my current shop work with php 7.0 as well?

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ok I posted the last question in the forum that goes about php and ps 1.6  called:

Prestashop 1.6 With Php 7.0 - Experience, Problems, Solutions


I would never think that that was the problem as it looked like everything was working well. But your question Nemo put me in the right direction by letting go of the csv and thinking i did something wrong there.

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