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Category Heading on Category/Subcategory Page - Set as Image Only


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I'm trying to replace the category header on my category and subcategory pages with an image. I've added the image I want and set the font size of the original header to 0 in the category.css file, but I'm still left with a massive gap where the original header would have been and this detracts from the look of the page. I've tried changing the padding and even deleting the whole code for category header in the category.css file but the problems persists. Ultimately I want the image inserted to sit at the same level as the subcategories list on the left column of the page. I'd also like to keep the 3px dark border above it but have no padding between it and the image so that everything is aligned.


While i'm at it, I'd also like to delete the 'Literacy' category header that's on the same line as 'There are x products' but don't know if there's a way to do this without deleting the number of products in the category.


The URL with an example image is http://www.thelearningemporium.co.uk/shop/12-literacy


Thanks in advance for any help,



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I wasn't 100% sure to be honest Paul and ended up adding the code for it back in, though it could yet go again! Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated and a big deciding factor in the ecommerce software I went for was the level of support from this community. It has been fantastic thus far!

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Just as a follow-up to this, the subcategory page image headers are sitting at a different height to the category page headers. The CMS pages are at a different height again. Do I need to change padding in a different css file?

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