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Fixed Top Menu on Mobile Site (and IE)


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I have successfully added and modified a fixed top menu bar on my site and am really pleased with how it looks and responds on google chrome but I'm having the following problems on other browsers and devices:


1. On the mobile site the fixed menu is completely static when you click on categories, you can't move the category list up or down but the site moves up and down behind the category drop-down list. The only way to then get out of the categories list is to choose a category. Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas on code I could add or delete to not have the fixed menu on mobile devices?


2. The fixed menu doesn't work at all in IE (god I hate IE). It's working great in chrome and I'm looking for a fix to get the same appearance in IE please.


Homepage URL is http://www.thelearningemporium.co.uk/shop/


Thanks in advance,



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