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Custom page with grid/list option


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This is resolved, pl ignore


Hello experts,


I created a module for quick order where I display all products with a quantity entry box and a common sticky button to add all those products to cart, where quantity is > 0. (Thanks to a tutorial at http://nemops.com/pr...s/#.VQGUleGHwm7). I am stuck with 2 issues:


  1. I want the user to be able to switch between list and grid views. On other pages, this is done through product-sort.tpl. I tried includnig this tpl into my own tpl, but the icons for Grid / List did not show up
  2. I have created the module by following prestashop developers guide.  The module works, but the page shows both left and right columns. Then I edited footer.tpl and and added conditions so that it does not show left and right columns. Now the side bars are gone, but still my page doesnt get the full width that I expected.

You can view my page at


Please help me to resolve these issues.


Thanks in advance,


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