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Help - Website has disappeared!


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Hi ladies and gents,


I've been adapting my top menu this afternoon using the superfish-modified.css file and the superfish-modified.js file. I managed to get everything as I wanted it and so saved ad moved on happily as the website homepage looked exactly as I wanted. I was about to move on to a new job when I clicked on a category and was directed to a blank page. I force compiled in the backoffice and now I can't even see the homepage. I've tried clearing cache but still nothing. I'd be grateful for any help in being able to get my website back. URL is http://www.thelearningemporium.co.uk/shop


Thanks in advance,



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Excellent, sorted! Thanks for the help Bellini. After all that I had simply missed a semi-colon when adding anew line of code earlier!


For anyone ending up on this page and looking for a solution...


Follow the instructions here to enter debug mode and then follow the error code to help fix your problem...



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