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How can i change the link, to my webshop?


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You installed prestashop on the wrong place


I don`t know if you can just use rewrite rule to change these maybe ask somebody because is  the easy way




move all your files to prestashop to the root chapter then change database you get the correct url

(You can copy the files to be sure you dont lose anything is not the best but work )

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First move all prestashop/ folder contents under main http root. Usually this is public_html.

Then go to www.e-lighters.dk/adminXXXX > Preferences > SEO & URLs and change your new url under SET SHOP URL section.


That will do it.

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I tried this, but it dosen't work... I can change my shop to e-lighters.dk, but not www.e-lighters.dk. (as i desire)

Its really weird.. And i cant figure out why. So i hope you can help! :)

I have modified the first post, so you can see the problem.. the image below is when i try to change base URL to www.e-lighters.dk.. it gets Completely messed up,,, :(post-937748-0-88878400-1426093471_thumb.jpg 


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