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Greek Characters decode not working in Customer Thread and Timeline


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While in message list in Customers - Customer Service all the messages review (40 chars) look fine, when you click to read the whole message the Greek characters in some messages are shown as the screenshot i attach.


1) I added the entity_encoding : "raw" in tinymce.js but it didn't work (this message was sent after that)

2) I tried to fix it through AdminCustomerThreadsController.php but when i add html_entity_decode or Tools::htmlentitydecodeUTF8 at $first_message the whole page doesn't work.


I use prestashop


Thank you in advance


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3 minutes ago, goldies said:

Hello glouk7, did you solved your issue, i have the same problem.




Yes, but it's a long time ago and i don't remember exactly the file.

The idea is to add a parameter at the query that fixes it...(i found the solution around here)

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