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Can someone help me with SQL query in sql manager?


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Can someone help me creating a query?

I would like to see the number of page views per product per day or week.

I know I can see it in the stats, but there I have to click on a product to see it and I want to see it as a list, so I can compare the views per product and see the most viewed products etc.


I have no sql knowledge, so combining all tables is to difficult for me.




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Hi, I don't know if it already exists in the stats but if not, you can create a table with id_product and date fields and add a counter in the controllers/productController.php file. Each time the product page is reached, it will registered the id product and date in the new table like that you can create all requests you want on it

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Sorry, i'm not a programmer but a user of the software.

In the stats there is a view per product, as stated in my first post, but i can only see one product at the time.

I don't think there has to be made any changes to software but it can be done with a query, only I don't know how to make the qsl statement


I would imagine anyone with sql knowledge would be able to post the query here?

Would greatly appreciate this.

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