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Problem with Inline theme translations and Multistore prestashop.

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Hi PS community,


I have a problem on my prestashop install.


Situation : Multistore installation with multiple languages. Default store being Fr, another being Uk, and others being Us.


My first problem is that depending on which store I am :

  • The text requested from database (ex. Title of product, etc) is OK
  • The text from inline smarty template translation of module's templates is OK (ex. blockcart.tpl displays "Panier" instead of "Cart" when in french)
  • The text from inline smarty template translation of theme's templates is wrong (ex : "data sheet" or "more info" headings from product.tpl do not display in French).

I tried a lot of things, from logical to tactical to brutal parameters (remove ALL caching, disable all languages but French, etc.) for the past 8 hours.


Cannot make it work.

Has anyone an idea about my inline smarty template translations not working ONLY on theme's templates ?


I have another problem (less important) : if my first visit is on the uk store before moving to the fr store, the fr store displays in uk.

{$lang_iso} returns 'uk'.

The language is stored in a cookie and it plays wierdly with the multistore install.

I have found some nice info on this thread : https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/67908-default-language-not-always-the-same/

Long story short : it uses an apache .htaccess fix, but when I try it I get a 500.

I played a bit with my Apache config (headers mod was already installed, etc.) but I feel more confortable with this second bug, I think I will find a solution (but if you have a word to say about this, my ears are wide open).


Thanks a lot for reading ! :)


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