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Get a product w/ multishop


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Since few days I'm trying to get a product in my module but its seems complicated.

I'm using the multishop feature, I got 3 shops, and many products are in two or three shops.

I want to get global product values (as I see thems in the ps_product table or when I select 'all shops' in BO) and update it once, I dont want to create one instance by shop, because they are same values.


So when I construct a product, I'm using this:

$ps_product = new Product((int)5000, false, $this->context->language->id, 0, $this->context);

But Its returning only null values.


If I set the correct default id shop instead of 0, its working.

So there is my question: how can I construct my product no matter on which shop he is ?


Thanks for you help :)

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