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Create admin page using module


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I am creating module to create page in admin level.

Used controller as folows in /mymodule/controllers/admin/AdminPendingorderController.php


class AdminPendingorderController extends ModuleAdminController {

public $asso_type = 'shop';
public function __construct() {
$this->module = 'pendingorder';
$this->lang = true;
$this->context = Context::getContext();
$this->bootstrap = true;


public function initContent()

public function renderView()

$this->base_tpl_view = 'content.tpl';

return parent::renderView();


content.tpl file is also located correctly(\prestashop\modules\pendingorder\views\templates\admin\pendingorder\helpers\view).

Created menu 'Test' from administration->menues

but when i tab on 'Test' the blank page displays with no error as follows


Please correct steps and codes.

Is this correct way to create a content page in admin tab or any other ways?

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