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Hi all!


i want to be able to add an image to the product->features. So if i add a feature then connect it to an image so it can display both the image and the text of the feature.


Is this possible to do?


Also, i have now added an image manually to each feature by this code:



{if isset($product.features)}
                <div class="features">
                        {foreach from=$product.features item=feature name=pr_features}
                    {if $feature.id_feature == 1}<span id="diameter" title="Diameter: {$feature.value}"></span><span id="feature_text">{$feature.value}</span> {/if}
                    {if $feature.id_feature == 2}<span id="håltagning" title="Håltagning: {$feature.value}"></span><span id="feature_text">{$feature.value}</span> {/if}
                    {if $feature.id_feature == 3}<span id="ipklass" title="IPklass: {$feature.value}"></span><span id="feature_text">{$feature.value}</span> {/if}


Since im a beginner at this, i want to ask if there is any better way to write this code?

I also have trouble in the display, i would like to show them with 3 in each row, and depending on which feature we have added text and image to, it should be displayed.


For example:

i have 17 features, i add 3 to a specific product and want to show those 3 on this product. I add 5 other features to next product and then want them to be showed with this product. Is this possible to do?


Thanks for any help!

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