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Adding product through webservice in multistore configuration


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I'm trying to add product through webservice in multistore configuration.


It works doing nothing special : by default product are added in default store. Problem is I would like the product to be added in all store.


As I've understand, to have the product created in all store I have ton send the parameter "id_shop=all".


So when I use this url http://test.xyz.com/api/products?id_shop=all, I get an error telling me the page has moved :

[Debug] This page has moved<br />Please use the following URL instead: <a href="http://test.xyz.com/fr/?url=products">http://test.xyz.com/fr/?url=products</a>

So I guess it's an url rewriting problem but I don't know how to fix it. I've the default generated .htaccess as follows :

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP:Authorization} ^(.*)
RewriteRule . - [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%1]

#Domain: test.xyz.com
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^test.xyz.com$
RewriteRule . - [E=REWRITEBASE:/]
RewriteRule ^api$ api/ [L]

RewriteRule ^api/(.*)$ %{ENV:REWRITEBASE}webservice/dispatcher.php?url=$1 [QSA,L]

Any idea on how to solve this ?

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