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Hi Everybody,
First let me say that I really enjoy Prestashop !

I would like to know if there is any chance of a module that logs the activity of users in the adminarea.
For every user it would store data like: user X logged in at 12:45; user X added the category (id,name); user X added(edited/deleted) the product (id,name) and so on.

If I wasnt clear enough I'm happy to elaborate :)

Thank you,

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prestashop 1.5.x has got activity log under advanced paramters > logs tab

we can add logs there with addlog static function:

	 * add a log item to the database and send a mail if configured for this $severity
	 * @param string $message the log message
	 * @param int $severity
	 * @param int $error_code
	 * @param string $object_type
	 * @param int $object_id
	 * @param boolean $allow_duplicate if set to true, can log several time the same information (not recommended)
	 * @return boolean true if succeed
	public static function addLog($message, $severity = 1, $error_code = null, $object_type = null, $object_id = null, $allow_duplicate = false, $id_employee = null)

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