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Want to add a cms page to contact-form.tpl


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I want to add a list of people at the end of my contact-form.tpl file.  I know i could do this by writing html straight into the .tpl file.  However I want this to be easily editable.  My idea was to create a cms page that would contain the list of people, and then add that cms page to the contact-form.tpl.  That way any time I make a change to the cms page it would update my contacts page automatically.  What is the best way to do this?


Thank you for any help.

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Hi, in the initContent fonction of your ContactController file, you need to instanciate the concerned cms 


example if you cms page as 3 for id

$cmsContacts = (3, $this->context->language->id);

then you send this to smarty

$this->context->smarty->assign('cmsContacts', $cmsContacts);

and now you can get this cms content in your contact template by using {$cmsContacts->content}

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