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Adding hexadecimal color value to combinations_import.csv


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Hi PrestaShop hackers!


This week i have been playing a lot with the import features that PrestaShop provides, super useful. But I was wondering, there exist an easy way to add the hexadecimal value for a color within the combinations_import.csv file? Currently, all the combinations from my testing side are imported right, but without the hexadecimal color value.


Thanks for your time and happy hacking!

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my own python code

import csv
field_names = ['color_name', 'hex']

start_id = 946

with open('colors_hex.csv', mode='r') as infile:
    reader = csv.reader(infile, delimiter=';')
    next(reader, None)  # skip the headers
    for i, rows in enumerate(reader):
      print("INSERT INTO `ps_attribute_lang` (`id_attribute`, `id_lang`, `name`) VALUES ('{1}', '1', '{0}'), ('{1}', '2', \"{0}\");".format(rows[0], i+start_id))
      print("INSERT INTO `ps_attribute` (`id_attribute`, `id_attribute_group`, `color`, `position`) VALUES ('{2}', '3', '{0}', '{1}');".format(rows[1], i, i+start_id))
      print("INSERT INTO `ps_attribute_shop` (`id_attribute`, `id_shop`) VALUES ('{0}', '1');".format(i+start_id))


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