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order-confirmation.php in prestahop 1.6?


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Hi I have a problem with adding custom code for affiliate program. In the old prestashop (1.3) code inserted to order-confirmation.php in root.


In new Prestashop 1.6  this file does not exist. - @deprecated 1.5.0


Where I insert this code in a new version of prestashop?


Please help me:(



// Your organization ID; provided by Lyoness
$organization = "xxxx";
// Your checksum code; provided by Lyoness
$checksumCode = "xxxx";
// Value of the sale; sale specific value has to
// be assigned dynamically out of the shop database
$orderValue = "X.XX";
// Currency of the sale.
// For example "USD" for US $, or "EUR" for Euro
$currency = "EUR";
// Event ID; provided by Lyoness
$event = "xxxx";
// Event type:
// in most cases $isSale should be left as "true" unless
// you arranged a lead commission with Lyoness
// true = Sale
// false = Lead
$isSale = true;
// Encrypted connection on this page:
// true = Yes (https)
// false = No (http)
$isSecure = true;
// Here you must specify a unique identifier for the transaction.
// You should assign your internal shop order number dynamically
// out of your shop database
$orderNumber = "xxxxxxxx";
// If you do not use the built-in session functionality in PHP, modify
// the following expressions to work with your session handling routines.
$tduid = "";
if (!empty($_SESSION["TRADEDOUBLER"]))



Implementation Manual_EN_B01.pdf

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