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Google warning - Duplicate meta descriptions - PS 1.6


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Hello :)

I've got a warning in Google Webmaster Tools about duplicate meta descriptions for some of my product pages.


Some of the products I sell are very similar so the short descriptions are the same and some have no short descriptions (which leaves the meta description blank in Prestashop).


Could the generated 'meta_description' be changed to make it different for each product?


I think I've found the field I need to change in classes/meta.php (around line 253):


$row['meta_description'] = strip_tags($row['description_short']);


What I need it to say is something like (I know the syntax below is wrong!):


$row['meta_description'] = strip_tags($row['Buy the $name at example.com. $description_short']);



Also, would it be possible to add the manufacturer to the product meta_description so it would show:


$row['meta_description'] = strip_tags($row['Buy the $name by $manufacturer at example.com. $description_short'']);


Any help with the correct syntax or a way to do this would be appreciated.


I'm using Prestashop 1.6 btw.




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Thanks for the reply.


It's about 2000 products at the moment that have duplicate or no meta descriptions.


I will be filling in the meta fields on the product pages in the future (making each one different), but I need a 'quick fix' to keep the great god Google happy for now!

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You could change it, but unless you are drawing information from 2000 different sources then no, they would not all change. It looks like from your example you would just be changing 1 -2 words in the description which would have no impact.

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The product name (and manufacturer name) would significantly change the meta descriptions, it would also fill the blank metas I have now.


I've used this format before on an older cart program and it works in the SE's (Buy $product_name by $product_brand at website.com).

Although, for competative products and services you'll need proper, indivdual meta descriptions, it works for generic products.


Also, can help to increase click throughs from the search engines as people who are looking to purchase the product can be persuaded to click on the link by using words like 'Buy the' etc.

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