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Problems with module developement: translations, missing payment method


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I need to implement a simple custom payment method for my shop, read through the module developement guide and started by modifying the original bankwire module.


I use PS with disabled cache, disabled smarty cache and enforced smarty compiling.

My modified test module works, it can be enabled and used in the frontend just as i want to but it does not get listed in the backoffice under active payment methods. Any idea where i could've gone wrong with that?


Thanks in advance



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If it is, I think it's the wrong way to go - if someone adds malicious module and approves the "not verified" notice during install the module will fron then on work as payment module in the frontend (and do its harm there). I worst case the administrator wont even be aware that the payment method is active as it is not listed under payment methods.

My payment method list now sais "no payment methods available for your country" while my custom method works fine in the front end.

Anyways thanks for looking it up in the code for me!!

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