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Cataloge mode only- How to optimize it for SEO?


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I run my site in Cataloge mode only as i am not selling products at all. However it does not mean i am not interested in optimize the site and each products for google search etc.


I am looking for tips for guides, modules or what i should do to improve the visibility of the site on internet.

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Thanks for these excelent tips. Just a question (because i dont know better). I see in the Presta market there is modules specialicing in SEO that cost from tenths of $ to hundreds of $. Is there a significant difference doing your way, versus buys some expensinve SEO module?


I dont mind free where its possible, but at same time, if there is some paid module that promise a lot, but give me very little then i am not interested to pay for such a module. Also, how do one actually messure the success of a paid SEO-module?

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