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Manufacturers and Categories per store


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Hi ,

In a multistore enviroment you can disable/enable a product for a store, but it's not possible for categories and manufacturers. that's a bit odd.


Anyone of you know if this will ever be implemented in a newer version of Prestashop. It seems they forgot this to be multistore compatible because why do we have a category_shop and manufacturer_shop if there isn't of any use?

I've read many posts about this issue and still there is no solution yet. We can write a module that can doe that but it isn't practical because other modules need an update too (e.g. blockcategories).


The only thing that has to be done is add a field 'active' to the category_shop and manufacturer_shop. Queries need to be updated to use cs.active (cs = category_shop) instead of c.active (category) and the controller needs an update.



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Hi fred-vinapresta,

Yes you can, but you can't disable them temporarly for that shop.
If i want to disable them for a specific store i will have to remove them...that's something i ( and the customer) don't want. We want to disable it end re-enable it when we need it to.  

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