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Website Wait time is too much - Working very slow


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My webiste www.loothub.com 

The website take a lot of time before it start to load 

I have checked with my host , they said it is because of mysql is not optimized 


When i put the url in the address it keep on waiting for the website for more than 10 sec

Please find the Screen shot of ping test 


Please help me and check what exactly is the issue 

Thank you 


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Maybe is one of the modules that's delaying the shop loading.


We had a problem with the first theme we used when we upgraded to 1.6. Loading time was too much.

After a couple of months, we changed it to a new one that worked way better.

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No reply yet ??


Please some moderator help 


Hi, please don't bump without adding additional information. Also you posted in development section, please always review forum topic structure to find appropriate category.  


To help debug slow area enable PrestaShop profiling.


open file config/defines.inc.php and set the following to true, then visit your slow page(s) and review profiling data presented at bottom of screen.

define('_PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_', false);
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