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Recommendation for smarty editor with syntax highlighting?


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What do you guys use to edit your smarty templates? I'm using Notepad++ for any programming and I'm extremely productive with it, except when it comes to smarty templates, because it doesn't understand their syntax. So it's extra hard to navigate through the code.


I found this topic http://www.smarty.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=88132&sid=535fea8bee1793f570e2e1a901e8df5a but it's pretty stale (nobody responding anymore) 


I am not very successful with the custom xml file, as I posted in this forum

"I use the Hot Fudge Sunday theme, but when I switch to "user defined" language, it all turns black (black font on black background). When I switch to the default theme I have black on white. Not very helpful. "



What do you guys use?


Is anybody successful with Notepad++ and the custom xml file?

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